AI has Changed Document Management Forever

Don’t change the way people work. Automated processes are faster, more accurate, and reliable. Get competitive and change the way you approach digital transformation. 


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Introducing Shinydocs

In 2018 a modern solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning. Across industries and around the world we help organizations get a handle on their growing document chaos with our Shinydrive Suite of tools.

The World’s Best-Selling Content Server Interface.

Drive adoption and allow users to work in every application directly within Content Server and Livelink with zero training. Now available for SharePoint and Documentum.

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Analyze your file content with Artificial Intelligence

Automate your big data strategy with machine learning while building organizational intelligence through data visualization and analysis.

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Migrate and Eliminate Your File Shares

Find unstructured information wherever it exists, eliminate redundant, obsolete and trivial files, and migrate it to your ECM or cloud repository.

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“Shinydrive V2 and the new Dashboard is an inspired piece of UI design. It is so intuitive that no documentation was required for me to get the Shiny Server up and running. …Just brilliant!”

David Millett, Derby City Council

“Shinydrive improved our path to success and helped us achieve our business objectives. Users have liked using Shinydrive because they think they are working in Mac Finder, but the documents are stored in one location within Content Server that everyone no matter what machine they have can see. The Shinydocs team has been very responsive and helpful. They’ve gone out of their way to support us. I would highly recommend Shinydocs to any organization looking to get data managed in Content Server. ”

Christopher Kennedy, Business Systems Analyst, Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators

“Shinydrive is now enabling Derby City Council to extract the full value of Content Suite and to utilize the solution as they had planned, as a corporate information management system.”

David Millett, Derby City Council

“Customers who deploy Shinydocs solutions see lots of business value right away, particularly in regards to User adoption.  The toolkit is easy to install and starts producing results quickly as Users can start to interact directly with their Open Text ECM solution, working the same way that they are used to…right from day one!”

Atholl Johnstone – Vice President, Solutions at

“Having helped customers again and again overcoming getting large file shares under control and in compliance with the GDPR, Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis is a no-brainer. I advise all my customers to use Shinydocs going forward because of the simplicity and power.”

Vibeke Kristiansen, CEO, Strator