Shinydocs is the only comprehensive suite that allows organizations to fully tackle all their enterprise information at machine speed and in place. Shinydocs doesn't need to rely on a huge subset of data either. Armed with a few properly categorized pieces of information the AI engine can start understanding, file by file, what it means to be a document in your organization.

Information that can't be found exposes organizations to unnecessary legal and business risk. Despite this, IDC sees less than 50% of enterprise content correctly indexed, meta tagged or efficiently searchable. Humans have proven themselves remarkably inaccurate, inconsistent and costly in their classification efforts. Hoovers estimates the average cost of manually tagging a single item runs from $4 to $7 per document and does not factor in accuracy or the potential repercussions of mis-tagged content.  

Real world business value.

Once information is properly classified it can be dealt with, whether it means inexpensive long term storage, active RM in and ECM solution, or defensibly deleted.  Exploit your digital assets and uncover the business value of all your information at machine speed.