What You Can Expect

AI Auto-Classification is the best and most accurate way to get documents classified. Simply train the AI engine with a few sample documents and watch as it learns what it means to be a document in your organization. Shinydocs Cognitive allows organizations to crawl and classify data in-place on file shares, personal drives and ECM. All this is done with no professional services work or custom coding.

Step 1: Easy Training

No Custom Coding. Simply select some documents for the AI engine to crawl. As soon as the training is complete, it will understand what it means to be a document in your organization.

Step 2: Classify data in-place

No need to move files to classify them. Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis crawls through file shares, personal shares & ECM to automatically attribute and classify documents. This happens at machine speed with zero disruption to the organization.

Step 3: The result

All of your files are now accurately classified & attributed.  Organizations can make decisions based on the accurate classifications such as migration, disposition or managing data in-place.