Satisfying Work

We're building new stuff that solves real-world problems for massive organizations. Everyone here is self-directed, empowered and enabled to do their best work. Even better, everyone is pushing at the boundaries of what they know into the edges of the unknown and learning as we go.

Get Home On Time

Everybody talks a good game about work-life balance but then want you to work late. Here at Shinydocs, everyone gets home on time. I mean sure we're a family here at the office, but all things considered we'd rather you spent the time at home with your family.

Experienced Grownups

This isn't our first go around. We've got an experienced, dare I say mature team here that have managed the internet's first search engine, sold IP that has launched local startups, built solutions for billion dollar companies. And all of us roll up our sleeves and get stuff done, as a team, everyday.

Entirely Bootstrapped

We sell to some of the worlds largest enterprises looking to spend significant dollars to solve their critical issues. And we deliver, doubling our sales year over year which funds our growth. As a result, we’ve never taken VC funds and are not beholden to outside investors. Sustainable growth.

Always Looking

We're always looking for talented folks. Don't exactly fit in one of our current listings? Have some but not all of the listed qualifications? Talk to us anyways! We are an equal opportunity employer that doesn't discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.

Current Opportunities

Chief Revenue Officer
Senior Software Developer – Elasticsearch
Software Developer – C# .NET
Software Developer – Professional Services
Technical Product Manager

Don't see what you're looking for? Fill out a generic application and tell us what you'd bring to our team!