Cognitive Suite

Use Artificial Intelligence to understand your files

Start making decisions with your enterprise information

Turn your unmanaged files from a liability into an asset with the Shinydocs Cognitive Suite. Leverage Artificial Intelligence to analyze your files and identify critical information while dispensing with obsolete, redundant and trivial information.

Demystify your data

Use machine learning to understand all of your files and leverage them as assets. Minimize compliance risk, optimize enterprise search, identify business critical documents, isolate high risk information. Enrich data in place or move relevant information to the cloud, to existent ECM investments or even hybrid solutions.

Improve your document processes

Retire the manual processes of end user file indexing, attribution, and classification and let Artificial Intelligence do the work. Keep knowledge workers focused on their expertise and ensure access to a single version of the truth for all their content. Drive workflows and make decisions based on an understanding of file content.

Benefits at a Glance


Machine Speed

Within minutes, start seeing your data visualized with artificial intelligence.

Value that Counts

Explore and understand your enterprise data with the Shinydocs Visualizer. Use data visualization to produce file analytics across your repositories.

New Business Intelligence

Make decisions based on your real data. Power workflows, migrate documents and empower employees.

Powerful Visualization

Within minutes of installing, Shinydocs Cognitive Suite crawls through enterprise documents and produces a powerful visualization. Deep dive into your enterprise files by identifying duplicates, personally identifiable information and file types. Locating duplicate, redundant, obsolete data can reduce storage costs up to 50%.

Once understood and cleaned, your organization can migrate documents to a ECM or cloud.

Entity Extraction

Using powerful artificial intelligence engines, extract entities that are important to the organization. Whether it be names, contract dates, or organization names, Shinydocs Cognitive Suite will extract it from documents and let you make decisions on your files.

Training has never been easier because Shinydocs Cognitive Suite is always learning. Our Artificial Intelligence engines are constantly improving as it crawls through data repositories.

Start Understanding your Data

Start crawling your enterprise documents and get a deep understanding of your documents.