Drive ECM Adoption

Solve the biggest ECM adoption challenges with zero disruption to your business.

Why ECM Adoption Matters?

ECM solutions automate processes, increases productivity of knowledge workers,consolidates repositories into a single searchable repository & secures important enterprise data. The best way to ensure a successful roll out of ECM is to get ALL data and users in the system. See the top reasons why companies deploy ECM (Right).

Source: Drive Successful Outcomes With Strategy: Align ECM Programs To Core Business Missions, March 2018, Forrester

Challenges with ECM Adoption

Over the last 20 years, organizations have seen low user adoption. Here's why organizations are struggling:

  • Users are unfamiliar with the complicated ECM interface
  • Cost of user training makes it impossible to get all users familiar with the system
  • Speed performance of ECM systems creates hangups
  • Lack of availability in an offline state
  • Inability to handle all file types

Shinydrive – Every ECM needs it.

Shinydrive is the only way to ensure 100% of users are using ECM. Let users work in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, while capturing every Save and Save As in Content Server. If you've invested in ECM, it's time to leverage the best-selling interface for Content Server & Documentum.

Benefits at a Glance


Goodbye File Shares

Turn off your shared drives, but allow users to keep the shared drive interface.

100% User Adoption

Users work in letter drives and desktops, but files are automatically mapped to a knowledge management solution. 100% of users are managing documents.

No Limits on File Types

Manage your complex file types such as engineering documents, Adobe Illustrator and linked Excel.

Data Growth Isn't Scary

Data is growing at a exponential rate. Shinydrive captures all new documents ensuring all files are in a knowledge management solution.

Compliant and Simple

Files across repositories will have audit history, permissions and categorizations allowing for easy search across the organization, creating the perfect solution for compliance.

Users Love Shinydrive

Users don't want to change how they work. Users love the Shinydrive interface because they can work how they want to work.

Our Award-Winning Solution

Shinydocs has been OpenText Best-Selling 3rd-party solution and Technology Partner of the Year for 2016 and 2017. We are honored to be recognized for our outstanding solutions, but we haven't stopped there. We've been growing and evolving to support Cloud and Documentum.


Try Shinydrive

Once Shinydrive is turned on, documents are seamlessly captured into a knowledge management solution.

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