Eliminate Shared Drives

Bring unstructured content under lifecycle control with maximum velocity.

According to AIIM, despite the fact that 34% of organizations are keen to turn off their file-shares only 3% of organizations have actually managed to do so. In fact, a recent study shows that 61% of organizations report that half or more of their content still resides outside the ECM even after its deployment. Shinydocs is the only solution that can eliminate siloed information hidden in shared drives in 90 days with zero change management.

Shinydocs allows you to clean and categorize the information stored in your shared drive, migrate it to your ECM platform, accelerate your return on investment, enhance the value of your information and reduce your exposure to risk. More importantly though is that users can continue working the way they always have keeping the same drive letters and UNC paths. There is zero disruption in day to day work.

In the background Shinydocs can quietly start auto-classifying records. Eliminate redundant, obsolete and trivial information. Start isolating high value content, PII and active documents at machine speed and with full fidelity. Every Save and Save As is now 100% managed – every one of your files now has an audit history, version history, user managed permissions, classifications and reporting for records management and disposition.


Migrate data into a managed solution


Understand ALL your data


Eliminate ROT

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Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis is the only way for you to eliminate file shares with no-disruption.  Book a time to meet with our team to share more information.

“Shinydrive V2 and the new Dashboard is an inspired piece of UI design. It is so intuitive that no documentation was required for me to get the Shiny Server up and running. …Just brilliant!” - David Millett, Derby City Council