What to Expect

Drive better business decisions. Eliminate your data compliance risk. Reduce your overall data size.

Step 1: Understand your data

Crawl your file share to get a complete visualization of all your data. Analyze up to a terabyte a day and identify redundant, obsolete and trivial information. Expose vulnerabilities and make informed content management decisions while protecting data integrity.

Step 2: Demystify your data with simple visualizations

Shinydrive delivers a complete dashboard of your crawled information showing you duplicates, document types as determined by Artificial Intelligence and files broken down by size and number as well as information about create dates, modified dates and more. Users can drill down into the data for eDiscovery and compliance with regulations like GDPR. Look once, find everything.

Step 3: The result

Make informed decisions about your data. You are armed with the information needed to assess costs, expose vulnerabilities and make informed content management decisions. Enrich data in place or move relevant information to the cloud, to existent ECM investments or even hybrid solutions. Drive records management and disposition with clarity and confidence.