Shinydrive Performance Enterprise Library

Shinydocs' High Performance Enterprise Library allows for access to key business information regardless of connectivity.

What is High Availability Library?

High Availability Library exposes a library of data in an offline state at each remote physical location. The library is searchable directly from Windows Explorer, opening files in their native application. Whether connectivity issues are caused by being in a remote location or an unforeseen disaster, users will be able to access files offline.

Works with OpenText Content Server/Livelink, Microsoft SharePoint, Shinydrive Cloud, Documentum, FileNet, Alfresco

In times of connectivity issues or crisis how does your Disaster Recovery strategy ensure your files are available?

Users can work on oil rigs in the middle of the ocean, remote projects sites, or in globally distributed offices and they are able to access enterprise information offline. No matter where your users are working, it's important for them to have access to the enterprise offline.

A fully automated approach to disaster recovery

The library is automatically and continuously kept up to date with the most relevant documents for each remote location. Different classes of users at each location have access to the precise information they need.

Benefits at a Glance


Zero Down Time

In an event of a connectivity disaster, employees still have access to their important documents.

Online In Any Location

No matter where users are working, they will be connected to their files.

Control Permissions

During disaster recovery, organizations can control which users have access to documents.