Process Automation with Shinydocs

Power Robotic Process Automation with 100% of your data.

Drive your digital business.

Boost productivity by giving workflows access to 100% of your data. Organizations are investing heavily in workflows because they improve customer experience, empower employees, increase efficiency & lower cost.

Enriched data is good data.

Automate your business with 100% of your data. Shinydocs understands and enriches 100% of your enterprise data across structured & unstructured repositories. Shinydocs also cleans your data to ensure workflow engines are getting the best possible information.

Power Robots.

Classified data provides value to robots. Migrate the enriched information to an ECM or cloud to power workflows and automate your business with 100% of your data.

Benefits at a Glance


Understand Data In-place

Organization don't need to move documents to understand them. Keep documents where they live, but let AI understand and enrich documents.

Boost Productivity

Give your knowledge workers the tools needed to modernize your organization.

No Disruption

Our solutions require zero custom coding or professional services work, it just works.

Try Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis

Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis crawls, cleans, visualizes, auto-classifies & migrates documents with no disruption to your business.