This document suppliments the Apache Tomcat Documentation .  Please refer to it for best practices (such as HTTPS setup, security, and more.)

Support for Large Files (up to 1.2GB) in Shinydrive

Large file support requires more memory allocated to your Tomcat Java Virtual Machine.  Follow these steps to increase your maximum memory pool.  Remember, your memory allocation here should not exceed the available physical RAM on your server.

  1. Simply open your Tomcat Service Manager from the System tray on your Server.
  2. Stop your Tomcat Service from the General tab.
  3. Click on the "Java" Tab – Here you can increase the Maximum Memory Pool.

tomcat7_memoryYou will need to consider the amount of memory available on your Server before changing this setting.

4.  Increase this as appropriate and restart the Tomcat Service.

NOTE: We have tested it up to 8129MB and have seen success dealing with files up to 1.2GB

UTF-8 Support On Tomcat (Windows)

By default, Tomcat assumes an iso-8859-1 western european character set on Windows, which is generally incompatible with Shinydrive's use of UTF-8.  You won't notice any problems until you start using unicode characters as part of your files, folders, and volume names.  Three things need to be done to enable UTF-8 support.

1.   Update the URI Encoding (so URL's can use UTF-8)
In {tomcat-home}\conf\server.xml
The connector needs to have the additional setting URIEncoding="UTF-8".
Example :
<Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
   redirectPort="8443" URIEncoding="UTF-8"/>
2.  Change Tomcat's properties file reading to use UTF-8
Run {tomcat-home}\bin\tomcatw.exe and add a java option argument -Dfile.Encoding=UTF8
Example :
3.  Including UTF-8 characters in your drive Volume Names
If you want to label a drive (change its Volume Name) with a non ISO-8859-1 character.
Load up a native to ascii converter like and enter in the text you wish to convert and use the converted code for your drive name
Example :
Übersetzer turns into \u00dcbersetzer
And \u00dcbersetzer is what would be used in the properties file.

Shinydrive Sizing and Scaling

For sizing the Shinydrive Tomcat middleware we recommend the following resources be made available:

  • CPU: 1 core for every 1700 users.
  • RAM: 4GB ram for every 1700 users.

For Example, if you dedicate 8GB to your Tomcat instance and have 2 cores on your machine, it will work well for up to 3400 users.

For more users, just scale linearly.

downloadmovieInstallation Video

Check out the YouTube video of a typical installation.