Doing business in the cloud isn’t just buzzworthy tech-speak, it’s an imperative 21st century business practice. The challenge is successfully migrating unstructured data into one secure place. That’s where Shinydocs comes in. Our Cloud Storage solution helps organizations evolve into digital enterprises with cloud-based data management that doesn’t disrupt the everyday. All corporate data is stored in one location, securely, compliantly, and cost-efficiently. It’s a business game changer.

Empower employees, reduce costs, and secure data impenetrably.

  • Reduce costs associated with data management by up to 60%
  • Reduce user support
  • Reduce your storage hardware investment
  • Drive 100% end-user adoption without changing process
  • Scale as quickly as your business requires without negative impact

Let business thrive with smartly stored, organized, and managed data.

  • Object and archival-based cloud/hybrid storage
  • Policy-based auto-tiering
  • Deduplication
  • Intelligent Local File Caching
  • Individual encryption on all files

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Shinydrive allows you to to embrace Cloud Storage through our suite of innovative tools.


Shinydocs Migration understands your content and data.

Our innovative crawler dynamically gathers intelligence about your enterprise information including metadata, permissions, file attributes and full text information, regardless of where it resides. Our seamless process ensures all your data is virus scanned, de-duplicated and that only the necessary information is migrated to your Cloud repository, simply, cost-effectively, with zero end-user disruption.


Securely collaborate with external users, even with resources outside the firewall.

Shinydocs Collaboration allows employees to easily extend files residing within their cloud repository to whoever needs them, while retaining full auditing and document control. Users outside the firewall work within the familiar Windows Explorer interface. And IT is assured that compliance rules are being met.

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