Shinydocs de-risks the process of moving data. Up-front work is replaced with Cognitive Analysis, and time to success is reduced.

Improve data quality.

  • Identify duplicate files
  • Identify trivial, temporary, and obsolete files
  • Files can remain accessible throughout the migration process
  • Sunset legacy systems and shut down file shares
  • Maintain fidelity including files structures, metadata, data integrity and linked resources

Enterprise use cases

  • Eliminate File Shares
  • Reduce or eliminate competing ECM/DocMan solutions
  • Deliver on the promise of a single version of the truth
  • Fastest time to success
  • Migrate only relevant information

Manage your information migration with zero end-user disruption.

Shinydrive Migration

Understand your content.

De-risk the process of moving data. Shinydrive Migration is the simplest way to analyze enterprise volumes of data wherever it exists, and migrates it simply and cost-effectively, with zero end-user disruption.

90 Days to Complete Compliance

Bring unstructured content under lifecycle control with maximum velocity.

Shinydrive Migration works quietly in the background migrating data. There is zero user training required and no disruption to day-to-day workflows. Maximize the amount of content you can place under Records Management and eliminate shared drives completely.

User-Led Migration

Cure your users of their shared drive reliance.

Shinydrive Migration eliminates shared drive dependence and drives adoption of a single ECM solution to ensure your enterprise information is backed up, secured, compliant, versioned and part of a defensible disposition schedule.

Start Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Turn information from a liability into an asset with Shinydrive Cognitive Analysis

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