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Shinydrive Interface

Allow users to access their ECM (Content Server/Livelink, SharePoint, Documentum) as a simple desktop drive. Work with every file type including complex engineering documents and linked Excel spreadsheets. The solution is licensed per named user.

Shinydocs Cognitive Clean-up

Bring understanding to your dark data by crawling through repositories and building a complete visualization. Extract metadata, text and important entities with the A.I.-driven classifier. Address redundant, obsolete and trivial documents before migration. This is licensed per Terabyte.

Shinydocs Cognitive: Ongoing Classifier

Licensed on a subscription basis for simple ongoing-classification of net new data priced per Terabyte.

Shinydrive High Availability for Offline

Allow workers to access data regardless of WAN access. Users can search their category in Windows Explorer and open files in their native application all in an offline state. This solution is licensed per site with the requirement that each user has a Shinydrive license interface.

Two-Way ECM Synchronization

Two way synchronization between shared drives and ECM (Content Server/Livelink, SharePoint, Documentum). Useful for enterprise applications that store data on native file systems like PeopleSoft. Included in a service fee per synchronized application.

Shinydrive Overlay/Cloud

Migrate file share content to the cloud with zero end-user disruption, keeping the same drive letters and UNC paths. Cloud file shares look like a shared drive but now have versioning and audit history. This is licensed per named user.