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Become an enviable, holistic Digital Enterprise with Shinydocs. Already the best interface for OpenText Livelink/Content Server, SharePoint, and Cloud Storage our solutions can leverage Artificial Intelligence to understand your files and migrate them with zero change management.


Understand your files with Artificial Intelligence

Turn your unmanaged files from a liability into an asset with Shinydrive Cognitive Analysis. Analyze your files to identify critical information while dispensing with obsolete, redundant and trivial files. Leverage Artificial Intelligence to classify documents and start making decisions with your enterprise information.

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Full document fidelity, non-disruptive

Migration efforts don’t have to be overly complex and challenging to implement.

Shinydocs takes a different approach and de-risks the process of moving data. Up-front work is replaced with Cognitive Analysis, and time to success is reduced. Migration is immediate, cost-efficient, and all without disrupting work-flow.

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All headache-free, with no downtime, no learning curve, and and zero user disruption.


Shinydocs Recognized as Winner of the 2017 OpenText
Global Technology Partner of the Year

Shinydocs Corporation, a leader in enablement technology for the digital enterprise, wins the 2017 OpenText Global Technology Partner of the Year, presented at OpenText’s annual customer event Enterprise World. This marks the second year in a row that Shinydocs has won the prestigious award.

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