Satisfying Work

We’re building new stuff that solves real-world problems for massive organizations. Everyone here is self-directed, empowered and enabled to do their best work. Even better, everyone is pushing at the boundaries of what they know into the edges of the unknown and learning as we go.

Get Home On Time

Everybody talks a good game about work-life balance but then want you to work late. Here at Shinydocs, everyone gets home on time. I mean sure we’re a family here at the office, but all things considered we’d rather you spent the time at home with your family.

Experienced Grownups

This isn’t our first go around. We’ve got an experienced, dare I say mature team here that have managed the internet’s first search engine, sold IP that has launched local startups, built solutions for billion dollar companies. And all of us roll up our sleeves and get stuff done, as a team, everyday.

Entirely Bootstrapped

We sell to some of the worlds largest enterprises looking to spend significant dollars to solve their critical issues. And we deliver, doubling our sales year over year which funds our growth. As a result, we’ve never taken VC funds and are not beholden to outside investors. Sustainable growth.

Always Looking

We’re always looking for talented folks. Don’t exactly fit in one of our current listings? Have some but not all of the listed qualifications? Talk to us anyways! We are an equal opportunity employer that doesn’t discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.

Take our word for it.

If you’ve got questions we’ve got answers. Talk to anyone on any team and find out what life is like at Shinydocs.

Peter Vanleeuwen


Doozie of a Developer, he’s got the Groovy for your Stash. The other new dad on our team, he and Ben share diaper stories and laugh a little more intensely than is perhaps comfortable. Talk to him about the ideal cadence and stride rate during Triathlons.

Chris Landry


Crazy Good QA he’s also our technical support guru with the soothing voice to walk you through all your issues. Armed with the video skills to pay the bills he’s also a support main in Overwatch – ask him why Goats is better than Dive.

Robert Haskett


Dedicated Developer that knows more about OScript than anyone on the planet, and way more than is frankly sensible. Neither rain, nor sleet or snow – he’s still going to bike into the office. Ask him if Karate and Kung Fu aren’t just the same thing… I dare you.

Corinne Sharp


The sales and marketing champion. She’s built some kick-ass companies and channel organizations with a focus on promoting women in IT. If you ever crave donuts, just wait until Corinne is in the office, and you’ll never be disappointed.

Jason Cassidy


Resident President and CEO. Our fearless leader is more of an open-door executive happy to talk to you about the various iterations of the Lego Millennium Falcon or the importance of steady power output when competing in Triathlons.

David Yoon


Marketing Marvel. Scott Dilbert once famously said that all marketing is just liquor and guessing. Staying on brand is important so feel free to ask him anything about tequila. (just do not make the mistake of including mixtos in your question)

Lisa Dekker


Killer Content who’d rather this paragraph contain three bullet points and a CTA instead of all this superfluous, unnecessary, redundant verbiage. It’s redundant. Ask her when you use a jack plane over a smoothing plane.

Khalid Merhi


Distinguished Developer and Employee Number One. Talk to him about who’s got the best shwarma in town (we’ve got a chart that breaks out shwarma and shwarma poutine) Also anyone who uses public fields deserves jail time – prove him wrong.

Gorgi Terziev


International development. Don’t call it fake news, our Macedonian software resource is holding down the fort at our EMEA office and delivering killer code. Called back home we were determined to make our long distance relationship last.

Paul Kleinknecht


Superlative Sales – He’s been around the block a time or two and was there building a world class sales team back when Blackberry’s had scroll wheels. Ask him why Bermuda shorts and socks are perfectly acceptable business attire.

Fred Rossi


Fearless sales – He may be the new kid on the block here, but he’s been hustling hard since way back and taken our sales team by storm. You’ll probably run into him at your local hockey rink on Saturday mornings with a Timmies in hand.

Stacey West


The newest member of our QA team, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Stacey to the fold. Even better her skills on the ice finally rounds out the starting bench of our hockey team – now we just need a name. Shinydocs Sabers?

Mark Kraatz


QA King. There since the beginning of the internet when he was responsible for managing the internet’s first search engine and there for some pivotal, multi-billion dollar questions. He’s also our resident board game expert and he’s got sheep for your wood.

Ben Barth


Damn Fine Developer. The man’s got newborn twins at home so frankly we’re just happy he makes it into the office at all. (We suspect he’s only here for the peace and quiet) Ask him about craft beer, coffee and your next podcast recommendation.

Mervin Bowman


Kickass QA and Support. Folks stop us at shows asking us to thank him for the help he’s provided. He started out as a pilot and could tell you stories that’ll make your hair curl but you should probably just stick with the Top Gun trivia.

Joanna Woo


Humans aren’t just resources and Joanna is here to be our people person! Helping us thrive in the workplace and survive in the wild, ask her about the time she used her Krav Maga skills while swimming with sharks.

Barclay Whittaker


We’re on a roll! Excited to have Barclay join our growing sales team, chumming the waters and reeling in the big fish. It’s clear we’re gonna need a bigger boat. Even better, when he’s not working, he’s contributing to our growing peloton.

Current Opportunities

C# /.NET Software Developer     |       Client Engagement Manager      |    Technical Customer Service Representative      |    Solution Consultant


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Fill out a generic application and tell us what you’d bring to our team!